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element east studio

crafted concrete and unique furniture

designed and built just for you




our story

At element east studio we design and hand fabricate unique, custom furniture pieces, concrete countertops, vanities, and whatever looks beautiful, feels right, and sounds like a challenge.


We are a family shop, founded by Neil Orlowski and his wife Sonja.  After a couple decades in the film and television business, our eyes turned east towards our home in Montauk, New York.  Wanting to work and live in the place we love, element east studio was conceived.

For inspiration we looked even farther east towards the aesthetically quiet, yet technically complex technique of Japanese woodworking and building. This serves as a jumping off point for our design philosophy.

That philosophy combines with an appreciation of the material, or ‘elements’ we use in the work.  We celebrate what these materials are, and their inherent qualities.  Whether that means following the grain in a slab of wood, utilizing and displaying the strength of metal, or allowing liquid concrete to flow where it will.

We embrace all these materials, but concrete is what started this journey. Its unusual property of transforming from liquid, to hard as stone, offers endless possibilities for experimentation in design and form.

That experimentation along with a truly enjoyable collaboration with our clients, is what moves us in this journey we love.



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